Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet Valentine

Valentine's day snuck up on us this year on a Tuesday. We managed to make some sweet treats for our teachers. 
It was free dress day at school that day, it was a sea of pink and red. There were cards and treats for the girls with cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
Gemma's class had special Valentine's centers. They sorted and charted conversation heart candies.

They all made a special box to keep their valentine's in and brought it to school that day. They had to go around the room and place a valentine in each friends box. Needless to say Gemma's box came home with a whole collection of goodies addressed to other kids. Oh well, they can't really read yet.
Gemma wore her heart necklace from Granny proudly.
I volunteer in Gemma's class on Tuesday mornings and then stay for the art at lunch program for the rest of the day. Our project on Valentine's was a self portrait made into a valentine. It was really cute. Lily and her friends usually come to art at lunch. It's touch to compete with recess time.
Don't worry Daddy wasn't left out, we had a fancy dinner at home steak and potatoes and dessert. Sweet cards were exchanged and of course Mommy got beautiful roses for her table too. 

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