Friday, March 24, 2017

An American in Paris

It was a big night out for this young lady! We went to see An American in Paris at the Pantages theater. She got to get all dressed up on a Friday night to go to Hollywood!
We went to dinner before the show. Due to some new metal in her mouth (she just got palate expanders placed that week) she had a hard time enjoying supper. It takes a little.. ok a lot..of getting used to.
Our lovely lady ready for the show.
Here's the part where I tell you how much she loved it and was awe struck and wanted to sing and dance along. It's just that it was kind of late and school was really long and so even though a big bag of M&M's had been eaten she still managed to fall asleep well before the intermission. Oh well, a matinee next time then.

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