Thursday, March 23, 2017

Community Helper

The Kindergarten classes put on a Spring play every year for the school and parents to enjoy. When Lily was in Kindergarten it was toward the end of the year and it was the farm show. Now they switched it out to community helpers. It was so cute!!
Each class splits up into groups representing different members of the community. There are construction workers, firemen, crossing guards, and my personal favorites.... the mail carriers!!!
They sang really great songs about all the different jobs you can have to help people. I searched really hard for the Starbucks baristas because I think they are pretty darn helpful but they didn't make the cut. I think grocers made it though.
Each kid had a line they had to say and they all did so well. They didn't even seem nervous. They did motions and hand signs for all the songs too.
So proud of our little mail lady! Can we get a family discount?

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