Wednesday, March 1, 2017

San Diego Zoo

Granny and Grampy had a lovely week vacation planned for San Diego so we decided to CRASH IT for a weekend! I'm sure they didn't really mind even if it meant taking two small girls in the pool every day in cold weather ;)
The big highlight of our weekend was a day at the zoo. The SanDiego zoo is famous and it did not disappoint. We would love to go again and again.
Luckily it was a bit cool and drizzly the day we went so it was pretty quiet and the animals were all out and about. You have to start with the flamingos and consult the map.
Then you just kind of follow the path until you see some cool animals. You can even ride some of the animals.
Or become an animal.
I can't even handle the wildness here.
This tiger was really active. It was feeding time and he knew it. He even gave us a real authentic roar! Lily the feline lover was head over heals with the "kitty".
Too bad he finished his beef in three seconds flat but then he had a good stretch and wander about.
The monkeys are always entertaining.
The zoo is known for their panda bear program. They breed them and then send the cubs back to China. They were just chilling in their cave eating some delicious bamboo.
We did a whole lot of walking and everywhere you looked there was something new to discover.
I'm not sure camel riding was allowed but that didn't stop us.

If there was an animal sculpture we climbed up.
Don't worry we went under water too and got chilly and wet. Nothing could stop these explorers.
After all that walking we decided to take the easy way back. On the gondola ride!
Don't look down. Ok yes look down you can see all the animals. We saw some silverback gorilla action from high above.
The ride didn't last long and we were back near the entrance.
It was a rough landing but don't worry we all survived.
What a wonderful day! We didn't see too much else in SD on our quick weekend trip. Guess we'll have to go again soon!!

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