Monday, March 20, 2017

St Patty's Day

Another St Patty's day another leprechaun trap! The assignment was to make a trap out of anything you had at home then bring it to school the day before St Patty's. Then they set them all up in class to see who would catch the little guy. Gemma's trap was an upside down shoe box. The footprints would lead him under the rainbow to a TRAP DOOR!!!Ha! Gotcha!
We got this thing in the bag this year. She covered the trap door in alluring shamrocks. He'll never figure that out.
Then the big day arrived. We had to get ready for school and wear green so nobody got pinched. Turns out we don't own a lot of green so we made do. Our own leprechaun snuck in and left a box of Lucky Charms cereal! Yum!
Sadly, nobody caught the little guy again this year. He is so sneaky and always gets away!!
That weekend was a lot of fun too. It was Troy's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Gemma wrote him a poem on the computer to go on his gift.
Gemma and Troy had a short little romance. There was about a week of school that he declared his love and she agreed to be his girl friend. He brought her a gift to school.
They had a great time at the party. I think Gemma ditched her friends for about 3 recesses for her boyfriend but got tired of playing Jurassic world so she's back with the girls again.

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