Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

After our spring break trip to the beach we came home for Easter weekend to celebrate with family. We had to dye our easter eggs of course. We tried a new method I read about using food coloring and shaving cream. It looked fun, it was fun, but the result was pretty disappointing. Not very vivid colors. 
You stir shaving cream with your colors and swirl it up then roll the boiled egg in it. 

Let the eggs rest for 15-20 minutes and rub off the shave cream.

We also got a little coloring egg roller kit. It was sort of like the liquid but more concentrated and you roll brush it on.

Kind of fun but they missed the dipping the eggs in cups of color.

The finished eggs drying!!
Then I took the girls to Goppy's church for their annual egg hunt. We have been going to this for years. I think we might be nearing the "too old" age. 
We sure look cute tho! I love any occasion to put them in pretty dresses...if they cooperate. You are divided by age and when they say go you run through the grass collecting eggs and candy. Not much hunting or hiding. They wish it was more of a challenge.

Lily off with the bigger kids.
Gemma got a ton!
Our cousins even joined us this year! They had a lot of fun.
Lily went for all eggs because she can't eat any of the candy with her expanders.
They had cookie decorating too.
The more sprinkles the better they say.
Don't forget the jumpy house and slide!! So much fun.
Then we needed to get home and rest up for Easter the next day. Gemma decided to go for curls with her sleep in sponge rollers. 
Easter morning they rise bright and early to hunt for their baskets. This year the basket had new bike/scooter helmets. Looking good!! That bunny knew we needed new helmets. One kitty and one light up sparkle. 
There were plenty of other goodies too.
Tiny lego set with a skate board.
The worlds tiniest lego bunny twins. They put these together in no time.
Oh and don't forget the tec decks. Finger skate boards.
Gemma got clip on earrings she has been wanting for a long time. Looks good with those curls. 
All dressed up in our easter finest.
We went to church at Ascension with all our family. Cousin Reese is so cute we just love her.
After church is the butterfly release. We had some lively ones this year.
Then it was over to Uncle E & Rach's house for brunch and egg hunt. Littlest ones first.
Now it's a free for all.

Reese and Gemma had to do a song and dance to earn a dollar.

Goppy brought confetti eggs for us to smash.

Then we tried to attempt family photos. Pretty sure we should have done that earlier in the day.

Then we tried the whole group with the timer. It was just about melt down time.
Silly face was much more successful.
We came home for some down time and then went to the park for a scooter ride with our new helmets. Glad everyone is back to health and had a fun day!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break Carpinteria

We had hoped to take some grand vacation to a tropical beach destination for spring break but that was not meant to be. Thank you airline prices for ruining my grand plans. We did a California beach vacation instead and let me tell you, that's a pretty amazing consolation prize. Due to our little sickies we did not actually head to Carpinteria until a few days into our spring break anyway. It was going to be too difficult to load up the arsenal of medicines. Gemma was seriously ill for a full week before Spring break, then she shared it with her sister so Lily was sick right after school let out. It was a good thing we didn't have expensive airline tickets because we wouldn't have made it. 

We headed to Carpinteria to the "beach house" on Sunday afternoon. We walked down through town and hung out at Island Brewery for a drink and relax. It was gorgeous. The girls begged to go across the way to the playground after. They only lasted about 10 minutes before collapsing in coughing fits and we had to head back to the condo. We managed to pause by the road with a lovely patch of poppies though. 
Lily coughed most of the night so nobody slept well. We took it easy in the AM and then headed to the beach for a little sun. You would never know from the look of them how sick they were.
There is a ton of drift wood and stones on the beach from the winter with high rains so there was plenty to make forts out of and dig with.
I just can't get enough of this little red head. Her hair is such a gorgeous color, thanks Davis genes.
We always have to stop and say hello to the mama and baby seal. I made a vat of home made chicken soup before we left home and brought it with us to Carp. I am not exaggerating when I say we ate that soup at least 6 times that week.
After dinner we all went on a sunset walk at the bluffs. The wild flowers are blooming like crazy with all the rain this year. They were even taller than the girls. You can't go running through the fields because it's snake season but they are sure pretty.
Two people stole our hats because we forgot to pack theirs.

You always need a good walking stick too. It was so pretty out just the right bit of cool with sunshine. 

We heard the train coming so we had to wait for it and wave to the passengers.
There were plenty of seals out and we saw the seal watch doing their monitoring just like Granny does.

The sun was setting and time for us to go to bed!

 The next day we went to Solvang and wine tasting. We stopped for lunch on the way up and a playground too so it was not all misery for those kids, I promise.
Then as promised we had to go to the skate park in Santa Barbara. It wasn't too crowded on a week day but they were the only little kids there. 

The other skaters were pretty tolerant of us. Now the girls want to get skateboards and learn to ride so that's on our summer agenda.

You couldn't ask for a nicer day.
Not bad for a spring break week full of sun and fun!