Friday, April 7, 2017

Chorus Concert

Every Spring is the "All District Chorus Festival" organized by our music teacher, Mr. LaGuardia. We were so excited this year because it would be Gemma's first performance and both girls would be in it together!! Of course, it was not meant to be....Gemma came down with the great illness of 2017. Some really bad virus had her down with high fevers and horrible coughing for 8 days!! She had to miss a week of school and couldn't participate or even attend the concert! 
Lily held strong to represent and did such an amazing job! She was up high in the stands on the right about three rows from the top. We were sitting way up high in the balcony too so unfortunately she couldn't see us but we watched her the whole time.
We're hoping next year Gemma will get her turn and Lily has declared she is officially retiring from chorus after this year so we will see. Such a fantastic concert every year.

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