Friday, May 5, 2017

Kinder Chorus

Gemma was in Kinder Chorus this Spring. She did not do it in the Fall and then realized all her friends were in it so of course she joined in Spring. She was too sick to perform in the all district chorus festival which is such a bummer!! This was really her first performance then. They did one performance for the school. I was volunteering that day so I got to see it. 
Then they did the performance again that evening for parents.
Gemma was front and center wearing a headband with a red flower on it and got to stand next to her BFF Livia. 
Easily the highlight for the kids was during one song they got to do the "Dab".
There are lots of hand motions that go along with the songs. Gemma did a great job and was very serious. She did all the motions and sang along.  Don't worry she chatted away with all the kids around her between the songs so she was pretty much her usual self.
Parent fail our batteries died on our camera and our phone memory is full so we only got a short video.

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