Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Seussical the Musical

The Junior Chorus play this year was Seussical the Musical. Lily was unsure whether she wanted to do chorus this spring since it is so much work and such a time commitment.  She decided to do the play and then had some serious regrets in the beginning. She found out her BFF Scarlett was not going to be in it and the tears ensued. We had already signed up and once things got underway she had a great time. She is even excited (a little) for next years play. She auditioned for the role of cat in the hat and she was cast as Robin bird, one of the bird girls. It was a great part for her.
Look at her amazing costume and make up!!She was told to have curly hair so she slept in foam curlers for two nights.  I mean this school takes their theater seriously! Mr LaGuardia the music director is so talented and dedicated. We really are lucky. Gemma can't wait until second grade when she can be in the Jr. Chorus.
Lily was really excited to wear the ear piece microphone. It's pretty much the highlight of having a role with a line. Then after they remove it and pull the tape off your cheek she was over it.
They performed the play twice for the school kids and then two evening shows for families. They split the main roles into two casts so more kids have a chance at a large role. Lily's friend Olivia was cat in the hat on Friday night with Lily. The make-up, sets and costumes just blew us away.
The bird girls had a lot of stage time, singing songs and had two lines each. This was just right for Lily's comfort level. She is not really interested in a large role.
Check out the Horton costume! A grandma sewed it! Parents all pitch in to volunteer their talents to build sets, sew costumes or help behind the scenes.

There are some really super talented kids at the school and they all have such a fun time.
Can you believe the set?  The story is sort of a medley of Dr. Seuss stories and characters. Mainly it is "Horton Hears a Who" with some "Cat in the Hat" thrown in.  

Lily and Olivia at the end of the night.
Maybe one of their favorite things about the show is the cast party after the Sat show. It is the finally performance and after the cast changes they clear the MPR and put on loud music and DANCE!! All the parents bring snacks (read: junk food galore) and the kids eat, dance, and chase each other around. They don't leave until 9:30PM folks!! 
The kids spent Sunday recovering and I spent Sunday at work with the Seussical songs stuck on repeat in my head!!! It was so much fun and we are so proud. They film the play so we bought a copy and next time anyone comes over we will plop you on the couch and force you to watch!!!

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