Monday, May 1, 2017

We come from everywhere & heart of eagle

Third grade does a whole unit on Ellis Island and immigration. They talk about where their ancestors came from and how they came to the US. They had to imagine if they were immigrants and what they would bring to their new country. Then one day they had to dress up like their chosen immigrant and do a simulation of Ellis Island. They sure look like an eclectic bunch.
Lily chose her Dad as her immigrant. Obviously he did not come through Ellis Island, unless that is what British airways is now called. It didn't matter how long ago you immigrated. Most students did a parent or grandparent, some of whom actually did come through Ellis Island.
Lily, Olivia, Scarlett and Charlie. They really got into character pretending to be old, sick tired or poor.
Then, a few weeks later they performed a play called "We Come From Everywhere." There were groups of kids from different countries that told the story of why or how they came to the US. It was cute. Lily was one of the kids from China. 
Good thing Granny had a little china hat in the Halloween bin for us to borrow.
They sang songs and everyone had a line to say.
Scarlett was one of the main characters.
All the Chinese kids.
I'm sure the Chinese would have something to say about the authenticity of their attire but we did our best.
Lily was also honored at the April heart of an eagle assembly. 
This is her second award for the year!!! The teachers always say you can win the award twice but I thought they were just saying that to keep the kids behaving well. 
She got another certificate, lunch bag, spirit stick and a free kids meal at Corner Bakery!!
It was fun that she was really surprised since she did not expect to win twice. We had to come up with some fake reason we were attending the assembly not to tip her off.

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