Saturday, June 17, 2017

England Part Four- LONDON day 1

When we were packing and preparing to come to England the forecast was for cool, cold, and wet weather. Ok no big deal. It is England after all, even in June. Well, mother nature did a 360 and we had HOT HOT HOT! We all were headed to London for four days of sight seeing and ultimate tourist and it was going to be in the 90's! The hottest London temps on record since the 70's. 
That didn't stop us. We were EXCITED. We talk and read a lot about London so we were ready. The girls don't have any memory of London from 6 years ago. Lily might vaguely remember the London eye or the double decker bus. I think it is more from us talking about it. 
We drove to Granny and Grampy's friends house and they drove us to the train station. 
We are really seasoned travelers by this point. Hopping on and off trains with our backpacks and suitcases.
Then from the train we got on the underground. It was pretty much past everyone's lunch time by this point but we had some animal crackers and carried on like troopers.
We have arrived! We made it to our hotel. Dropped our stuff and bolted for the first Pret a Manger for a sandwich. Our girls have become huge fans of our fave sandwich shop, now we just need them to make their way to LA!! Once we refueled we walked along the banks of the River Thames to London Bridge. Unprompted these sisters walked arm in arm or held hands during many of our walks. Best Sisters Forever!
We crossed London bridge and walked a bit through Borough market to the Shakespeare Globe theater. I had never been before and we weren't able to go inside as they were having a performance.
We did a lot lot lot of walking in the hot afternoon sun so it was about time to treat ourselves to a Pimm's!!
With weather like this all of London was outside too!
The girls love having lemonade in England because it is actually Sprite. If you want lemonade you ask for cloudy lemonade. Ah, the sweet little differences. Gemma prefers the fizzy lemonade (of course) she also likes to squeeze a lemon in it. Then lick her fingers.
Then this is the face you get! We were all rolling in laughter at the sight of that face! Lily proved her very American-ness by requesting water with ice, lots and lots of ice! Not just two cubes, fill her up!
We walked all along the river to the Tate Modern museum and decided it was time to eat. We found a yummy Greek restaurant on the river to have dinner. It was a hit with the whole table. 
No, we weren't sharing dinner with 20 other people. It just looks like our table includes the group next to us. Not sure why we need peace signs in every photo either.
After a long hot day someone needed help getting back across the bridge to our hotel. The London bridge is calling to us in the distance. The tower of London was first thing on our list for the AM.
Time to get some rest in the nice A/C at the hotel. Granny picked the perfect place for all of us to stay cool and comfortable. We all slept so sound and since we don't sleep in hotels often it was such a treat.

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