Saturday, June 24, 2017

England part nine- Cadbury World and Land Rover

So I bet you thought nothing could really get better than London right? Well, there was still one more trick up the Davis sleeve. In order to get the house in order for the family gathering they needed to keep the top four mess makers occupied. So they sent us ladies off to Cadbury World! Alex had his own activity at the Land Rover factory doing an off road adventure. 
Alex dropped us at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham and carried on his way. We took the tour of how chocolate originated and how it has evolved over time. Those Aztecs sure had a hidden treasure in cocoa pods!
The Cadbury story is actually really interesting. They were Quakers and did very well running and growing their business and treated their employees really well.
I've got two taste testers ready to sign up! They had a lot of fun exploring the interactive tour. The chocolate is no longer made at this location but there is a lot to do! They could have spent all day at this fun pad where you stomp on different chocolate bars to make them explode. What exercise! They want one of these for our house.
We did get to do some taste testing and choose a few toppings for our own cup of liquid chocolate.
There was a 4-D movie at the end as well starring all the cartoon characters from Cadbury advertising. Lucky for us it was a pretty quiet day and we got to see the 4-D movie twice!

The big outdoor play structure kept us busy as well. Alex was gone on his excursion for quite a while so we needed to keep ourselves occupied, these girls had no problem.

We were really interested to learn that Roald Dahl worked at cadbury as a chocolate taste tester for a few years and that was his inspiration for Willie Wonka!
My sweet delights. They have displays of all the sweets throughout the history.

Of course every good tour ends in a chocolate gift shop!!!! YES!!! Heaven!
Don't worry we only got a few. Mostly for gifts of course!
We hung out after the factory closed waiting for our ride home. Hmmmm this looks like a good ride!
Our Land Rover driver had a great time at his excursion too.
Learning to maneuver the Defender over all sorts of obstacles.
What a great day!

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