Monday, June 19, 2017

England part Six- LONDON day 3

We managed to recover over night and wake up bright and full of energy. We still had a half day left on our double decker bus ticket so we hopped on there first thing and rode for a while. We decided to get off near Parliament and see the sights on foot. The day before we were a bit rushed to get to our boat so we wanted some more time. This is Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime minister, not the cocker spaniel.
More Big Ben!! He's getting a make over this summer so he's half covered in scaffolding.
Another phone booth! We made the mistake of opening the door to try and go inside and let's just say these booths are not so clean in the city. I think some people mistake them for the Loo!
We walked down to Downing Street and it was quite lively. They have the horse guard parade that change guards every hour. 10 Downing Street was quite the buzz with the Prime Minister Theresa May in residence. Lots of protesting and chanting.
Back on the bus! We rode down to the shopping area in Piccadilly Circus, we needed to go to the Ritz. We shopped around for a while mostly browsing but popping in and out of stores for the air conditioning too! Of course Fortnum and Mason was on the stop as well.
That evening we broke into two groups. Alex and I went to dinner at an Ottolenghi restaurant called Nopi in SOHO. We walked around Carnaby Street before our reservation it was so lively and buzzing. Pretty much right out of a London movie scene.
The dinner at NOPI was good, if not life changing. The bathrooms however were a sight to behold. You walk in to the ladies room and it's a labyrinth of mirrors. You couldn't find a stall if it were not for a small arrow to the door knob. I'm pretty sure everyone who comes takes a photo in the restroom.
While we were out on the town the girls were treated to the Broadway show Lion King!! What an experience. They had no trouble staying up late and following all the songs and characters. 
No, we don't know the couple behind the sign. I guess they didn't have the sense to GET OUT OF THE PICTURE! Ha!!

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