Monday, June 26, 2017

England part ten- family party

We couldn't make a trip to England and not have a big Davis Family get together! We did get to see Uncle Chris earlier in our trip but now it was time for the whole Davis family to get together. Everyone came from near and far for the day. Grampy manned the BBQ while Granny had made a big spread of delicious food inside. 
Best of all they rented a bouncy castle to keep the children occupied! It did the trick. They were all having a blast!
New cousins took no time at all getting acquainted before they were fast friends.
Luckily that gave us adults plenty of time to chat and catch up.
Lily and Gemma were soon best friends forever with Jacob and Abby!
Our best attempt to get all the little ones together for a photo.
Out of about 40 tried these were the best we could do. I guess silly faces run in the family.
The whole big family photo was even more a success! It has been all together too long since everyone was together and got to meet all the littlest children.
Let's hope it doesn't take as long for us to all get together again! We only had one more day to "wrap up" all our fun. The girls were not about to let us leave England without a trip to the Oasis water park. It is the indoor pool with slides and a wave pool they remembered from last trip. We headed there first thing when they opened and got to ride all the slides we were tall enough for, at least once or twice. After our morning at the pool Alex and I  made a quick trip to Oxford for a couple hours of shopping and wandering the beautiful streets.
Image result for oasis water park swindon
Then the next day was all about packing up and heading to the airport. We were so so sad to go home. Well.... 3/4 were sad. One person really missed her friends. 

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