Friday, June 16, 2017

England Part Three- While we're away

While the cat's away, the mice did play! These girls soaked up all the attention of Granny and Grampy while we were in Marrakech. There were many things they remembered doing in England on their last trip and they wanted to repeat as many as possible. 
One thing on the list was a trip to the crafting shop with Granny.  They still have their crafts from 3 years ago ( well, Lily's little paper mache kitty somehow got destroyed). This time around Lily made a paper mache dolphin and Gemma painted a ceramic piggy bank. Side note- one of my children seems to think it's winter while the other is in summer. This happens ALL THE TIME!
They also went to an Alligator/Crocodile zoo.
Can you stand how cute they are next to the phone booth. Despite the fact that neither had ever seen a pay phone before and needed some thorough explaining.
After the Alligator zoo they tried the "kitty park" but it was being mowed so after a turn at opening the lock for the boats they needed refreshment.
Ice creams times three and tea for one! 
Another day they went to the petting zoo farm. This farm had lots of animals to pet and feed, and all good farmers have to drive a tractor.
Sweet bunnies get lots of love.
There is always someone who needs feeding on a farm.
They also took a day trip to the Roald Dahl museum. We are HUGE fans of Roald Dahl books and own every one and read them multiple times. I think James and the Giant Peach is one of the first chapter books we ever read to Lily when she was about 3 years old! I guess the museum was a little lacking but they made the most of it and got to see a recreation of his writing studio.
G and G's local village school was having a Fete (Faire) to raise money for some projects. The girls loved the fete and enjoyed many carnival games and even a circus. Not a moment to relax on this vacation! We're go-go-go!!!
I think everyone was glad to see us return back home from our excursion. We brought some little leather house slippers for these two girls. You can tell they are locally made an authentic because they do have a bit of an "off" smell to them due to the way the locals process the leather. They sure are cute though! 
We had one more day all together back in Lechlade before we all made a trip to London. We still had a boat ride on the Thames on our list. It was bright, sunny, and warm. Just the perfect setting!
We walked a whole five minutes down the road to the boat shop by the pub. We talked to the nice swans for a bit while Grampy expertly bartered for our row boat. We got the last one that was big enough for us all! Now to load up without losing anyone overboard!
The views of the pub from our boat. It was crowded out today for sure. When the weather is right for boating the river everything else stops.
First we put Dad in the hot seat doing all the work. He managed to get us upstream so we could enjoy the views.
We need a selfie stick to get us all in! No matter what angle we lost someone in the photo.
There were giant mushrooms growing from a tree along the river. They were gorgeous but who knows if they're edible? We need a forager. I'm too scaredy I'd be sure they were poisonous.
Mr. Swan friend swam alongside to show us the way.
Gemma was not to be left out and little sporty spice did a GREAT job rowing.
Once she got the rhythm down she rowed the whole way back!
That deserves a break at the Swan. The pub called the Swan that is. We had some ploughmans lunches and of course fish and chips for Gemma.  
Don't forget a "lager top" which is a pint of lager with  a little sprite on top. Don't knock it till you try it, it is really refreshing.
One can't come to England and not have an Indian take away. I think if it were up to Alex he might get two!  We had take away at home that night sitting outside in the beautiful summer weather. The girls LOVE pappadams so much Lily made a pappadam emoji face with mango chutney!
Time for bed, we have to get to LONDON in the AM! 

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