Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sister-Wives visit 2017!

The tradition continues!! We don't get to see our Seattle friends as often as we would like but so far we haven't gone a year without someone either coming down to see us or we go up to see everyone!!! This years visit was a long time in the making. At least it felt like it took forever for the wait to be over. The Brady fam and the Brooks fam came down to spend Memorial weekend with us in LA!! Friday night after a few airport mix ups and missed flights everyone arrived. Clare and Rose arrived on the flight with the Brady family and then went back to pick up Ryan and Cora when they arrived on the later flight. By then end of the night we were all together!!

We sent the "big girls" as we call them off to bed together. It was just chance that 3/4 had the same matching jammies!! Ann brought eye shields for them all and my girls have slept with them every night since!!
The majority of the weekend was spent doing this. I think someone was on the trampoline about 99% of the time. Sprinklers were turned on day and night. It is really most fun of all when a grown up gets on though. David was the only fun one of the bunch.
We had to give the littles some time to themselves on trampoline so the big kids didn't crush anyone. I can't even believe this was the age of my girls when we got the trampoline! Cora, Danny and Rose gave it their all and had a blast getting wet.
On Saturday after we all rallied and got dressed we went to Griffith park to train town. It was the perfect amount of activity for our big crew. 
We probably spent about 2 hours there looking at all the trains and climbing aboard.
Some might even say it was better than the day out with Thomas!
Don't forget the little train ride!
All aboard! We are a big group.
Danny might be the only boy of the group but we planned this outing just for you!
The kids all get along so well and have so much fun together.
Gemma and Natalie BFF kindergarteners.
We brought a picnic lunch for the kiddies since we know they are always hungry and want to eat every hour.
So happy together!!
Rounding up everyone to pose for a photo proved to be impossible. The big girls seemed to be the only ones to cooperate. Natalie & Gemma are 6 and Lily & Kat are 8. They have been friends since they were BORN!! 
The "big boys" shall we call them took off after train town to go explore and see the Dodgers play the Cubs at Dodger stadium. It was a horrible shut out and the cubs lost so they didn't even stay the whole game but they had a good time. We will forgive David for buying a Dodger hat. We can chalk it up as just a souvenir. The rest of us returned home to monitor several more hours of trampoline time and plot our escape the following night to go see a chick flick.
Sunday we had planned a beach day. Ready to hit the waves and sand we went for our closest beach, Zuma in Malibu. It's pretty classic to be able to say you came to LA and went to Malibu. 
The brave children tried to boogie board but that water is COLD!
We didn't mind soaking up the sun and having a few cold brews.
There was a lot of sand digging and burying. Alex makes a mean mermaid tail.
This girl loved to be buried. I think Cora got buried more than 5 times that day. One happy beach babe.
Lily & Kat had so much fun together. They are very similar in personality and interests and they always manage to pick up right where they left off when they get together. Just like their Mommas!
Danny heard the sand in LA was way tastier than sand in Seattle. No, no Danny sand is pretty gross wherever you go.
The family next to us left us their giant hole they dug after they went home. We promptly took possession and ruined it. Free entertainment here though.
So being the clever parents we decided to pose all the kids for a group photo. At the END of a long day in the sun. I'm not saying we didn't bribe them with the promise of milk shakes on the ride home. 
Danny was the one going rogue most of the time. Can you spy Ann propping him up?
Better yet have the girls grab hold of him and then we take pictures while he cries. You can't win them all.
So of course we stopped at in n out on the way home. The beach makes you hungry you know. Well apparently it gave everyone a second wind because by the time we got home it was back on the trampoline with sprinklers. 
Monday was Memorial day and the Brady's and us headed to Universal Studios!! The Brooks family went to Venice beach to meet up with some friends that also live in LA. 
The Brady's got into the park an hour early with their tickets which was SMART because it was going to be crowded. We had been before and rode all the Harry Potter rides so we didn't feel too bad to be willing to wait in long lines for those. We did enjoy the wands and making the magic come to life. 
It was still early and we had lots more rides to survive so David bought the crew a Simpsons giant donut!!! Good thing we had 9 people to share it. Everyone got a bite or two, it was really yummy.
Yes we cut it and didn't pass around a giant pink sprinkle donut.
I think Homer would be proud.
Time for more rides! We got to the rides at the bottom of the hill and they had just opened. Yippee for no lines. Even the minions were pleased. 
Probably the best ride of the day was the Jurassic park ride. This one was closed when we went in the fall so we didn't know what to expect. It was a water ride and started off pretty mellow.
Of course there has to be a scary part and a huge drop. As you can see the majority of us thought we were going to die. Gemma and Natalie seem to be the only ones enjoying it. 
Ann waited with Danny while we rode so she got a chance to swap out and ride with Gemma and Natalie for a second turn. They sure are brave!! I waited with Danny this time and Alex & David took Lily and Kat on the mummy ride. That one is a roller coaster and they said it was super scary.
The lines were starting to get long now but we braved the transformers ride. They had the actual transformers outside for a meet and greet. Gemma was not expecting impressed. He was out to get her.
After a refuel lunch stop we had to do the tram ride of course. You can't come to Universal and not see the tour. Plus Danny could ride this one!!!
It was a big hit even though the kids had never seen most of the shows and movies they mentioned in the tour. 
It was really getting hot and crowded by now at mid afternoon. We made it on our scooters for one last ride before deciding to call it quits and head home.
Sadly the fun weekend was almost over. We had school and work the next day and all our guests had to fly home. Don't worry there are already plans under way for next summer!!

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