Monday, July 17, 2017

Carp Girls Weekend

We planned months ago to have a weekend at the beach where the girls got to each invite a friend to come for the weekend. Well, that weekend arrived!! They were so so excited. We had just been to Carpinteria the weekend before with Kimi & Miranda but we were ready for more fun in the sun.
Gemma brought Liv and Lily brought Scarlett. Poor Alex is having a summer filled with ladies!! We arrived in Carp Sat AM and promptly prepared for the beach. We loaded our gear into the wagon and walked through town to the beach.  Worlds safest girls weekend!
There was a lot of swimming, boogie boarding, and sand playing. Alex had to bury four girls to make four mermaids!
 Those mermaid tails were better than the photo I promise.
We got some new sand diggers and buckets. There was a lot of sand food making, cookies, meatballs and ice creams.
Lily's cat claws really help her dig.
Everyone had fun in the water and swam really far out to boogie board.

We hadn't had our fill of the water yet so we took a dip in the pool at the condo. Four girls and a sea turtle plus fins and flippers.
There was a fair amount of squealing and laughing.
After baths and showers we went to Padaro grill for dinner which was a big hit. We still had a little room after dinner so on our way home we stopped at Fosters Freeze for soft serve ice cream cones. Then we needed to burn off some more energy if we expected the four girls to sleep so they ran around the beach playground for about an hour. That didn't keep them from giggling and telling poop stories for an hour before bed. By about 9:30pm they were all out. They all slept in Granny & Grampy's big room with Lily and Scarlett in the bed and Liv on the roll away bed and GG on the matt on the floor. They loved all being together!
 The next morning they were up by about 7am. There was no keeping them quiet so they watched the only DVD we could find at the condo, Shrek 3! It did the trick and by then we could manage bagels and fruit before we got ready for the day. They informed me that girls weekend needed to include "coffees" at coffee bean in the AM. Three hot cocoa's and one decaf mocha fit the bill. I think they mostly wanted to feel grown up because 3/4 didn't drink half their drink and said it was yucky.
Off to Santa Barbara for the day. We started off at the Museum of Natural History. We had been before when Lily & Gemma were very small with Granny & Grampy.  It starts with a giant blue whale skeleton. There are three girls in it's belly that must have gotten eaten.
The whole museum takes about 1 1/2 hours. It's pretty good and everyone learned something. Lily & Scarlett knew a lot in the Chumash room because they learned a lot about them in 3rd grade.
There is a big outdoor area as well. Lots of rocks to scramble on.
They love the stream area where you can climb around barefoot and splash in the water. Perfect for a hot day.
Everyone was starved after the museum so we stopped for pizza before going to the cool playground in SB. It is fun for all ages and great for hide and seek.  We could tell the girls were slowing down and it was still pretty hot out. We headed back to Carp to get yoyumyum frozen yogurt before packing up and heading home. All the girls did great on their sleep over weekend. I'm thinking it's going to become a summer tradition!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kimi & Miranda Girl

Just a couple of days after July 4th we had our annual summer visit from Kimi & Miranda!! We have been able to see them almost every year since I left Hawaii. We visited them when they lived in Hawaii, they visited us in Seattle and now in LA!! All the girls have the best time together and Lily & Gemma just truly adore Miranda. They arrived at our house in the dark late of the night and the next morning after sleeping in and having waffles we all decided to head to Carpinteria and Santa Barbara for the weekend.
Why not take them to the World's safest beach? We do really love this place and we all splashed in the waves and body surfed until we needed to cool off with shave ice! Then it was back to the condo to clean up and get supper. The next morning we decided to explore Santa Barbara.
It was a great day down at the beach in Santa Barbara too. We walked along the pier to the aquarium.
We had never been inside so we decided to check it out. The touch pools were pretty cool!
We even braved the great white shark cage!!!
It was really no big deal for Kimi and I since we have done shark diving in South Africa. No really we did. Nope, I wouldn't do it again either.
Sea Stars and learning about marine life and keeping our ocean clean.
I guess Gemma is blowing a kiss to the whale?
All this ocean air made us hungry. Time to eat some sea food! We went to a restaurant on the pier that looked good. Lots of fresh seafood shrimp, scallops and crab. What a shame the youngins ordered chicken strips.
More fun on the pier with the blue whale.
Across the street we went to ride the carousel.
We had the whole place to ourselves!
We had to go explore State street of course. Do a little window shopping and then make our way to McConnell's ice cream. So many flavors it was hard to choose.
In full tourist mode we drove over to the Mission to have a look. They had some sweet little Friars on display.
We didn't do the whole mission tour because it was getting late and we still had to make our way back home.
It was back to Thousand Oaks for work and girl scout camp. Kimi and Miranda explored during the day on their own and then after camp we all went for pedicures. 
It is our tradition to get our toes done in the summer and Gemma would never let me forget.
We love having these girls come every summer. Hopefully we will get out their way to visit them in Georgia some time soon too!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth o' July

Just a few short days after Lily's bday party and it was the Fourth of July!! Kind of a bummer it fell on a Tuesday this year but it was nice to have a midweek break! We got all decked out in our Red White and Blue!! 
These girls have some spirit!!
We're just ready to get to Uncle E's and get this party started.

We had to make some patriotic foods for the pot luck. This berry brownie trifle was even yummier than it looks!
Finally it was time to go to Uncle E's and party! We started with some water sports. The slip and slide was a big hit....once they figured out how to do it. A demo from Trevor helped. 
The grown ups pretty much enjoyed the water show the kids put on. It was like the cirque du soleil water show, only not at all.
Those cousins sure are lucky to have a pool in their backyard this year!
Scootch over and make room!!
There were little party poppers as a warm up to the fireworks show.
Then more splashing before we finally made everyone get out to eat. Eric grilled it up and everyone had the best salads and fruit.
We couldn't wait much longer for the firework show. We didn't even really make it to dark before we were starting some bottle rockets and sparklers in the street. 
We tried to keep the audience on the sidewalk for the most part so nobody got hurt.
The Davis, Peterson, Pope's represent. A lot of the neighborhood was out in their front yards having a block party.
Nini & Papa got some really great sparklers from New Mexico! They got some really great fireworks too!
We had a deluxe show this year. Eric got some from Fillmore and the New Mexico stash was huge!
The neighbors across the street had some huge ones from Vegas as well. I guess you gotta travel in June so the firework show can be spectacular!
We ended the night at the end of the street watching the big T.O show up in the sky with all the neighbors. It was such a great day!