Sunday, June 11, 2017

England Trip- The begining

The last day of school we bolted out a bit early and headed to the airport for our trip to England. Everyone was so excited. Gemma came down with a fever that morning but we were not to be deterred. We packed plenty of tylenol and motrin and headed out.
With Friday traffic and taking the shuttle we didn't have much time to spare before we were boarded and ready to take off. I think the flight is seriously one of the highlights of the previous trips to England for Lily & Gemma. It might be Alex & my least favorite portion. We flew Air New Zealand and it was actually pretty easy.
We had four seats together in the middle and the girls each slept a few hours. It was just enough to get us by on our arrival until we could go to bed that evening. They are great little travelers now, carrying their own backpacks and they of course love the in flight movies and food!
Granny and Grampy met us at the airport and had everything all ready for our arrival. We made the drive home easily with one quick stop to get a caffeine fix for this Mom. I needed a dose of espresso in a bad way after not having any on the flight and being up for over 24 hours. Once we made it to Lechlade we had a quick relax and then walked to the river to feed the swans.
Luckily the pub is right next to the river so we could get a little afternoon pick me up!
I'm pleased to say our first night sleep went off without a hitch which is a miracle all in itself. We were all so tired out we made it to about 7:30 pm and then had to go to bed. I gave the girls some melatonin gummy's  and it was not until about 6am we awoke. We had a quiet morning then drove to the nearby town of Bampton where they film a lot of scenes for Downton Abbey which you know we are all obsessed with.
This is the church where Lady Mary and Mathew got married. It is so beautiful even more so in person.
You can see the inside scene of the wedding from the show.

This is Mrs Crawley's house, Mathew's mother. They have a high wall in front that blocked a lot of the views. I'm sure the owners and town are less than thrilled with the tourism the show has attracted.
After Bampton we drove to Faringdon Folly Tower and Woodland for a walk. It was so beautiful and even the girls commented on how green everything is. That's what rain will do for you.
We followed the path up to the tower. It was cool but not cold, just a light jacket and a hot cup of coffee kind of day.
Granny had found a little scavenger hunt in the paper so we copied down all the clues and brought them with so we could hunt for all the hidden items. It was really a good time and so many opportunities for photos.
Checking off our list as we go. The tower was built in 1935 by Lord Berners, owner of the Faringdon house.
I'd say we found over half the items on the list. This sweet little wooden hare was one of them.
I think the heart tree might have been a favorite.
We tried to get cutesy with our photo-ops.
Of course Lily and Gemma had to have a go too!
Green countryside of England far and wide!
 Lucky for us there was a sweet little coffee cart stationed at the top of the hill so just when the jet lag was setting in we could warm up and refuel to make it through till evening.

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