Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth o' July

Just a few short days after Lily's bday party and it was the Fourth of July!! Kind of a bummer it fell on a Tuesday this year but it was nice to have a midweek break! We got all decked out in our Red White and Blue!! 
These girls have some spirit!!
We're just ready to get to Uncle E's and get this party started.

We had to make some patriotic foods for the pot luck. This berry brownie trifle was even yummier than it looks!
Finally it was time to go to Uncle E's and party! We started with some water sports. The slip and slide was a big hit....once they figured out how to do it. A demo from Trevor helped. 
The grown ups pretty much enjoyed the water show the kids put on. It was like the cirque du soleil water show, only not at all.
Those cousins sure are lucky to have a pool in their backyard this year!
Scootch over and make room!!
There were little party poppers as a warm up to the fireworks show.
Then more splashing before we finally made everyone get out to eat. Eric grilled it up and everyone had the best salads and fruit.
We couldn't wait much longer for the firework show. We didn't even really make it to dark before we were starting some bottle rockets and sparklers in the street. 
We tried to keep the audience on the sidewalk for the most part so nobody got hurt.
The Davis, Peterson, Pope's represent. A lot of the neighborhood was out in their front yards having a block party.
Nini & Papa got some really great sparklers from New Mexico! They got some really great fireworks too!
We had a deluxe show this year. Eric got some from Fillmore and the New Mexico stash was huge!
The neighbors across the street had some huge ones from Vegas as well. I guess you gotta travel in June so the firework show can be spectacular!
We ended the night at the end of the street watching the big T.O show up in the sky with all the neighbors. It was such a great day!

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