Friday, June 9, 2017

School's OUT!!!

How on earth did we get to the end of the school year? I guess we keep so busy that time just flies by! There were lots of "wrapping it up" activities. Gemma's Daisy scouts troop had an end of the year tea party.
They held it at one of the girls homes in the beautiful back yard. It was a tea party and award ceremony for all the patches they earned this year and cookie sales awards.
Gemma earned top cookie seller for the year. Go Mom! I was pushing those cookies at work like nobody's business! I even earned a patch too for all my help and volunteering.
Gemma went on a fun birthday party outing for Abby. They ended at the country club swimming pool. Gemma has three little Kindergarten friends that she is tight with from this year. Liv, Abby, and Brooklyn.
The end of the year is also the volunteer tea at school. The teachers put on a lovely brunch for all the parents who volunteer and all the grades perform a song. It was very exciting because the third grade always plays the recorder at the tea! Lily is in the front row in the white T-shirt. Wow! What a performance. It usually makes my ears bleed but of course now with Lily playing it was lovely...sort of.  You can see a video for yourself at the end of the post and make up your own mind.
Lily also likes to celebrate her birthday with her class. She picks a day in June and we bring in a treat to share. She wanted chocolate cupcakes with skate boards of course.
They were a big hit!
The last day of school was especially sad. Not only does Gemma finish kindergarten and move up to the being a big 1st grader but she was sick with a fever the last day and had to be absent! She missed her class finishing ceremony and her class picnic. I did stop by her classroom to pick up all her work and her teacher gave me her special certificate. She was awarded the most awesome organizer for always being so neat and tidy and making sure everything was in it's place. I'm convinced she got the wrong student based on how Gemma keeps her room.....but we all know she can be a different girl for her teacher than she is at home.
The even made graduation caps and were going to sing a song about going to 1st grade.
Her illness wasn't going to slow us down though. We had an afternoon plane to catch to England fever or no fever!!! Let summer begin!!

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