Saturday, July 1, 2017

Turning 9 is oh so FINE!!

Lily really wanted to have her birthday in England this year but it wasn't meant to be. We arrived home late on the 26th and everyone had to get their act together and over their jet lag by the 29th!! No problem right? Well, not really. We usually have no problem with jet lag coming home but this time we struggled for a few days. Lily was fine but Gemma was up several times a night for a couple nights. It. was. Rough!
On to the birthday. Lily woke on the 29th which was a Thursday to Kitty balloons and gifts!!
She had a specific gift she really wanted this year. A skateboard.
I guess someone was happy with her present. She picked it all out herself at the skate shop before we left for England so she was so happy to finally have her hands on it.
Side note: She has an OBSESSION with her panda eye shades she got from Kat & Natalie when they came to visit. She sleeps with them every night and she wears them around the house on her forehead often too. Cue the eye roll. Alex can't stand it.
She also got a little gray kitty named Sweetie Kitten from Charlotte and Elias. He hasn't left her arms since.
I think little sister wants to ride that skate board too!
So this is 9! It's going by way to fast.

    Of course special breakfast is in order. French toast with M&M's and bacon!!
So once you get the skateboard you have to try it out. We picked up Scarlett and went to the indoor skate park in Simi.
We stuck to scooters for the day since it was SUPER crowded and not really the best opportunity to learn to skateboard.
There was a fun photo op!

Lily got a giant stuffed kitty, several fidget spinners, a Hermione costume for her American girl, some Vans shoes and hat. Not bad loot for a 9 year old!
We saved her birthday celebration for the weekend so everyone could join us. She wanted to stick with skate boarding but then her love of Kitties didn't want to be left out so we joined the two ideas. That leaves you with a skate park cake with kitties riding the skate boards! HA!!!
It was a gorgeous day and we all relaxed outside. Louis does not seem amused by Alex!
Lily had her friend Scarlett over and Gemma got to have her friend Liv. We had cousins too of course and our cousins, cousins!
There was a massive pack of wild kids riding and running up and down the path. Skates & scooters, watch out!
Then we turned on the sprinkler to cool these kids off. I'm sure the neighbors loved the screaming.

Time to fuel up, hot dogs, burgers watermelon!
The littles table was super hungry too!
Of course there is always room for cake and ice cream!! I scream you scream they ALL screamed for ice cream.
There you have it nine candles down.
So many more great gifts. Lego friends are always a super hit.

Then the sk8r girl got some cool gear to wear skate boarding and some new stickers for her board.
She just needed a kitty ear headband and kitty ear headphones!! Thanks cousins and Nini Papa!
Such a fun birthday. Lily loved every minute of it and it was so fun to celebrate her and all her favorite things!

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