Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mom camp 2017

Well if you thought Zoo camp was for the cool kids you have obviously never been to Mom camp! Kristen and I have been talking about doing a summer weekend at the beach with all the kids for a while now. I think in our minds it was mostly going to be us drinking fruity cocktails on the beach while the kids quietly played around us. Big surprise, it really wasn't like that at all. 

Kristen, Charlotte and Elias arrived Friday afternoon to Carpinteria just after the zoo camp crew headed out. Talk about change of the guard! We walked to town Friday evening and based on rave reviews from Lily & Gemma we had Pizza Man Dan's for dinner. 

Saturday AM once we couldn't keep our lively crew quiet any longer we loaded up into the Mom camp bus and headed to Santa Barbara to scooter! We hoped to show our friends our skate park at the beach but apparently on Sat AM it is for skateboards only.
Our scooter crew managed to log a couple miles along the paved path at the beach instead.
Then after the kid time was over we could scooter inside the skate park. It didn't last long as the big kids and grown ups wanted to skate in peace.  Gemma is ever the dare devil so she led the pack.
We put the scooters back in the car and walked on the pier to the Sea Center. 
The tide pools were full of the most beautifully colored sea life.

They did some sifting through sand collected from the bottom of the ocean.
Gemma was wearing one of her favorite glowing outfits which looked especially cool in the black lights.
After some lunch at Padaro grill we needed to cool off in the pool. Luckily we did not get in trouble from the neighbors for making too much noise...this time. 
The next day we were itching to get ourselves to the beach! Such a crew of beach bums!
An endless supply of warm sand....
....and cool waves. Not a fruity cocktail in sight though. Better planning for next year.
Wait, wait, there was a fruity beverage waiting at the end of the day. A jumbo margarita.
The next morning we stretched our legs with a walk on the bluffs. Somehow climbing this fallen tree was more interesting than the bluffs. We could hardly tear them away to get to the sea.
We made it to the bluffs but the seals were not there.
We posed for some cheesy photos in the fog.
Then we hiked down to the beach to explore the rocks and tide pools.
It looks cold but it was really mild and the morning haze was in full effect.

What a great weekend with friends! There is still so much more to explore in Santa Barbara and Carp we will have to plan for Mom Camp 2.0 !!!!

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