Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Fun, Had me a BLAST!

Summer time for kids means fun, sun and NO SCHOOL! For parents it means keeping kids entertained 24/7 and filling their days with fun. No pressure there! Since Alex and I both work week days there are several days a week the girls need camp or babysitters. Here's a bit of the fun stuff we managed to squeeze in this summer!

We signed up for skateboard camp for a few days after the Fourth of July. Cousin Reese signed up for camp and Scarlett too!! 
It was really hot out but they had lots of fun and got really good on their boards. There were quite a few girls and the teacher is really great. The class was 9:30-12 so not too long.
The following week was girl scout camp! Both girls attended last year and LOVE it. They actually wanted to do both weeks but we were away in England for the June week. They hold it at the local middle school. It is from 9-3:30 for one week and is all outdoors!
It was 80's theme this year. I'm not sure they really got what the 80's were but it is always a fun week and they love the middle school girls who lead the small groups.
We sported side pony tails and neon and that pretty much sums up the 80's.
Gemma's group did a lip synch the last day for the final performance. I guess they won for the Daisy group. It was a spice girls song...from the 90's, but really who's keeping track? Check out the video!

Because we can't get enough of the beach this summer we had a play date at the beach with Robbin, Carsen and Collin. It was so fun to see them and all the kids had a great time in the sea. We went to Will Rogers state park just north of Santa Monica. The waves were pretty strong so we played it safe close to shore. 
The kids did their own version of "surfing" on boogie boards. Let me tell you how this went. The wave comes in, you start to float, then you fall...HARD. We had lots of tears and injuries. HA!!
Check out Robbin and I in our matching "mom" swimsuits. Nope, not planned. I guess we just both have great style. We tried to get Mr. Universe in the background on the left. There was an elderly fellow in a itty bitty teeny weeny man bikini.
The kids had the BEST time camping this summer with cousins. Eric & Rach took them with the McCluskey crew to Lake Cachuma for a long weekend. 
They cozy cousins in the tent trailer.
Lily brought the pizza box solar oven she made in Girl Scout camp. She was so proud of it and Ben was a big fan of the pizza crackers.
The girls did a week of VBS camp at Ascension Lutheran. The theme was Maker Fun Factory. They had a fun week but I think we are reaching the age that gets too old for VBS. Well, that or it's sort of the same thing every single summer and the excitement is wearing off. 

We had a pizza party for Aunt Carol's 60th birthday at her house.
She seemed to like that everyone was there making a fuss over her.
Gemma has joined AYSO soccer for the fall and had her first practice. 
It's hard work but she's having fun and trying hard.
As summer comes to a close we had to go for back to school "Bobs".
The before and after shots.

Now it's time to say goodbye to an amazing summer and get ready for another school year!! Time flies when you're having fun!

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