Saturday, August 12, 2017

Zoo Camp

Can I just tell you that this is the luckiest group of kids in all the land? This summer a new tradition was born. Nini & Papa generously volunteered themselves to take Ben, Gwyn, DJ, Lily & Gemma to zoo camp in Santa Barbara for a week. The day camp went from 8:30-12noon for one week. The whole gang also slept in Carpinteria at the beach house thanks to Granny & Grampy's generosity. Wow! What a lucky crew.
Everyone arrived on Sunday afternoon before the first day of camp. There was a LOT of excitement. Nini had every detailed planned out. Everyone cheerfully waved us away as they marched down the road to the park.
The kids were in different groups at camp based on their age. They had wonderful camp counselors they loved. They learned all about the animals and had special encounters with some of them as well. 
In the afternoons and evenings they had fun activities back at the beach house. It was all hands on deck with that many little ones.
They took walks to the park and beach. They walked to Pizza man Dan's for dinner.
There was plenty of pool time and scootering. These kids were WORN OUT!
Grandpa Dan got some clams at the beach and opened up the shell to show everyone. Then much to their delight and HORROR, he ate it!
I enjoyed all the pictures and updates throughout the week and returned on Friday AM to help pack and clean up. I got to pick up the campers on Friday after their last day at camp.

Nini promised the kids a trip to the gift shop after the last day if everyone behaved.
It sure was hard to make a decision with all the cute options!
Everyone was happy with their choice!
Of course immediately after leaving camp the littles were ready to crash! They are already talking about zoo camp again next summer!!
Thanks Nini & Papa!!

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