Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gemma turns SEVEN!

Because going to Kauai for your birthday isn't enough we returned home at midnight just before Gemma's birthday. Jet lag stops for no birthday so up early we were ready to celebrate.
She wanted to cut to the chase and open her gifts of course. There were packages from Granny & Grampy...emoji pajamas all the way from England!
Auntie Boo sent her a Beauty and the Beat lego castle!
There was also a pink band fit bit bracelet she wanted so bad from Charlotte and Elias and cool mermaid blanket, sequin pillow and book from Kat, Natty and Danny!
Moving right along to breakfast, pancakes with M&M's of course and bacon and sausages.

Then it was right into decorating the cake for her Emoji birthday party. Luckily I made the cake before vacation and froze it. Emoji decorating was a breeze.
Thank goodness Goppy let us have the party at her house so the kids could swim.
All decorated and ready to go with our emoji photo booth.

It was a little too much fun. The poop emoji was the fave by far.

The band performed too.
More presents? You've got to be kidding me!
There was jacuzzi time, and cold pool time.

The sequin switching gear is big this year. Two pillows and a t-shirt! 

There is time for dinner after presents. Pizza and pasta and salad for all!
Then there was the custom pinata made by Uncle E!
Watch out for Tarzan!

Everyone got several hits in and a few pieces of candy were set loose.
It was up to Daddy to finish it off so we could just get our candy already!!
Now it's CAKE TIME! 
I think Lily was serenading her sweet little sister.
Hey wait! Whose turn is it to blow out the candles. Don't worry Gemma already had, Lily was a little late on the blowing.
Happy birthday little Gems! You sure keep us laughing and keep us all on our toes!💗💋🙆😋😍😍

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