Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Harvest Moon

As of this year we officially have two girl scouts in our family. Gemma is in her last year of Daisy's with her troop from TK and Lily finally decided to try out the juniors troop at her school and LOVES it. I got to say a big I told you so to her on that one. So one of the Fall events in our area is a weekend camping in the Santa Monica mountains in Malibu. You know how fond I am of camping but the girls were really excited and both troops were going this year. Lily went ahead Saturday morning with her troop and Gemma and I joined after her morning soccer game. Each troop had a cabin and there was a Halloween decorating contest. Our cabin was pretty spooky!!
 Gemma found her troop right after arriving and joined in for some different activities such as setting up a tent and nature crafts. Mostly they all just wanted to climb rocks and goof around.
 A group of the girls from Gemma's troop and another MATES troop. It was a hot weekend even though it is October. We kept to the shade and drank lots of lemonade.
There was pool but it was not heated an although it was a hot day the water was icy cold. The slide was too alluring to pass up. A couple trips down the slide and they were ready to be done.
There was an activity called polar bear plunge where you get up at 6 am and jump in the freezing pool in the dark but somehow we missed that activity?
 Another huge highlight was the cabins had bunk beds!! The girls dream of having bunk beds and were so excited to each get to sleep on top! We stayed in a cabin with Lily's troop this year but next year Gemma wants to sleep in her troop cabin.

 This is our cabin representing for judging of the spooky decorations.
They also make little crafts on a safety pin to "swap" with other troops and wear on your lanyard. It's cute to see how creative each troop gets.
 Meal times were the most crazy chaos. Trying to feed 400 people three meals a day is no small feat. The camp we rented for the weekend provides accommodation but the meals are up to the troops. Despite the craziness they did a good job and the kids had fun socializing so they didn't mind the long lines.
 On Saturday night there is a big bonfire and the different troops can get up and perform a skit or a song. There were lots of oldie but goodies I remember from girl scouts. I said a boom chicka boom anyone? Don't forget the smores and toasting marshmallows of course. The true highlight of the camp out was returning to the cabins and giggling late into the night though.
 In the AM after a lot of coffee for the moms and breakfast for the girls it was the last two events before camp ended. There was a hike and geocaching which was really fun. An older girl led the troops around to follow coordinates on GPS to find hidden containers. Each one contained a pin that would spell GIRL! We now have them for our girl scout uniform.
 The day was really warming up, the hike started out cool and we were super hot by the end.
 The last activity was rock painting. You could paint one to keep and one to leave at camp to decorate by the art cabin.
Harvest Moon camping was a big hit and they are already talking about attending next year of course!

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