Sunday, November 19, 2017

Soccer Star Gemma

This Fall Gemma played AYSO soccer for the first time. She made lots of new friends and had a good time but it did not seem to be her passion. She enjoyed the practices but found the Saturday games too hot for all that running.

She preferred to play goalie so she wouldn't have to do so much running.
She did manage to stop a few balls but a few got past her too.

Her team was called the "Orange Crunch." Can you tell it was over 100 degrees on picture day?
At the end of the season the team had a party at one of the players house. The coaches gave out the trophies to all the girls and said some nice things about how well each girl played that year. I think Gemma was said to have been most cooperative willing to play any position and do whatever the coaches needed from her.
Can you tell she is pretty proud of that trophy!? She says she is not going to play again next year so we will see what she says in Spring when its sign up time. Because of her Fall birthday she was not in the same division as her classmates so I think if she could play with them she would be more excited. She thinks it is time to try another sport, on to tennis!

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