Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tricks and Treats

Halloween comes but once a year but we still manage to stretch it out into a full weeks worth of activities. The weekend before Halloween we went to an event at the park called The Haunted Trail with cousins. We had never been before but it's a pretty big event. We started out doing a little trick or treating along the booths.
 Each booth is sponsored by a group or girl scout troop etc.
 They also had carnival type games, an inflatable maze, and pony rides. How is it our girls have never been on a pony ride? Well today was the day.
 The ponies names were Oreo and double stuff Oreo. It certainly brought back days from my childhood getting a bucking bronco on a pony ride like this when I was their age.
 Luckily nobody got bucked off these Oreo's although it seemed like Lily's was going to try. After all the games and activities it was time to walk the actual haunted trail. We weren't sure what to expect but they said it was appropriate for all ages so we figured it wouldn't be too scary.
 The beginning was minecraft themed. A big hit with Lily for sure.
 We helped build a minecraft world before moving on to Moana land.
 The trail finished with Trolls. The costumes were so cute, we bribed the kids into posing with the characters
Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year which is always a bummer to have midweek celebrations. It just makes for a long day and really weary kids and parents the next day. This year we had two unicorns! Once Gemma decided to be a unicorn and got a pajama onesie romper for a costume Lily quickly decided to be one too! 
The school costume parade is always a big hit. The chaos ensues as the Principal leads the parade through all the classrooms and winds their way ending up on the blacktop for the parents to see.
 Lily's friend Scarlett was a character from the Broadway show Hamilton, and Olivia was a bunny.
Her friend Charlie is in a different 4th grade class but she was Miss Thousand Oaks, very fancy.
Gemma marched proud as a peacock with her class. 
 All the teachers dressed as different emoji's. The first grade teachers were the monkey emoji's. I think it was lost on the students but the parents got it.
After the parade why let the fun end? The kids returned to their classrooms for a party and fun themed centers. I volunteer in Gemma's class every Tuesday so I got to help with the fun. 
 It was free dress day after the parade so they got to wear regular clothes and make lots of cute Halloween crafts. Gemma and Liv made a Devil (Davil) poster.😈😈😈
After school we raced around town getting ready for our evening of fun and stopping off for our trick of the day. I scheduled the girls flu shots at the doctors office. Hey life is busy and you've got to get this stuff done when you can. We survived with only a few tears shed. Then it was off to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's house for trick or treating!!
 The two unicorns were joined by a cop and a robber. We try to keep in the fun and festivities each year
We forced some "food" into the littles before it was time to get get sugared up with candy.
Pirate Rach and her gnarly crew!! Eric needs to up his game and get with the costume program as captain hook!
The Pope family came as characters from the kid show PJ masks. Man that's some holiday spirit!!
 The best shot we could get of the whole crew with the phone on self timer mode.
Ben was a lego Ninjago named Kai, just like he had for his birthday party!!
 Gwynnie was a genie from a kids show called shimmer and shine. Being true to follow her cousin Gemma's footsteps she pretty much picked her costume because she liked the shoes.
Time to get this real show on the road and get some candy!!! Even though the Dodgers were playing in the final game of the World Series it was still pretty crowded out in the neighborhood. 
 Then we made it home to go through our loot and sort out the good stuff. The girls always like to sit outside and  hand out candy to other kids coming to the door so that was fun too. We gave out lots of candy!! Too bad we Gemma only had a couple days to enjoy her sticky candy before she had her expander put in!!

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