Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day

The little excited ones woke bright and early Christmas morning. It wasn't too terribly early, about 6:30 am. They went to check under the tree and the stockings. Luckily everything seemed to be in order and Santa had come! We all got up and as the sun was coming up we crept out to start opening stockings and gifts. 
Gemma got a new jewelry organizer with some new clip on earrings, a necklace and some gift cards to Claire's and Ulta beauty.
Lily got a giant art set with a wooden case and easel from Santa! It also came with a book on learning to sketch.
Winston must have made the nice list by a small miracle and he got some new balls, squirrels and a hedgehog! Dog heaven!
Grampy-Clause  may have done his shopping on Christmas Eve and got beautiful floral baskets for Carole and myself.
Lily got the giant lego hospital set she wanted from Mom and Dad. Take note she also got new eye shields which she promptly wore all morning on her forehead.
Alex got a magic set from Lily and Gemma, I expect lots of talent show performances ahead!
Santa brought Gemma real high heal shoes! We know Santa is the real deal because Alex and I would not have given her real high heel shoes! Now all we hear all over the house is the clip clop of high heel shoes all day. Apparently they go with everything.
There was a special gift for Lily and Gemma from Mom and Dad. Mickey ear headbands and a note that we're going to Disneyworld for spring break!
Then the carnage left behind after all the gifts were opened. Yes we cuddle by the fire, on the TV.
Time to get started on the huge lego set. We could say goodbye to Lily for the next three hours.
More important it was time for the mom gifts. A nice spiked cup of coffee in a new holiday mug.
The table was all set for a yummy Christmas breakfast. We had our chocolate chip coffee cake aka Jesus birthday cake which the girls like to sing happy birthday to Jesus and blow out the candles. We balanced it out with eggs and potato bake and some fruit.
Then we needed to try out all our new gifts. Gemma wore her new LOL flip shirt for the next three days straight. We did her nails with her fancy nail kit. Alex tried out his mini drone in the house hitting everything in sight.
Gemma was pretty excited about our upcoming trip to Florida!!
Then a few hours later Goppy came over to visit. Gemma gave a her a quick make-over with her new make up set. Then Lily had completed her lego set and it was ready to play.
She also got some really great kitty gear for her ongoing status as crazy cat lady.
It was a pretty great Christmas over all. Alex and Carole slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon and make an amazing supper of prime rib, yorkshire pudding and all the fixings. We all went to bed happy!

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