Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve-Eve Party

We usually have a Christmas Eve get together after church at our house. We all go to church then come home with family and have lots of fun appetizers and good drinks letting the kids run around until it's time to get ready for Santa to come. This year our Oregon cousins were in town until the 23rd so we decided to bump our party up one day and have an Eve Eve party!
Also because the party is always in full swing and loud and crazy we never get photos of the party. We set up a "photo booth" a couple years ago and it was a fun way to get pictures of our family at the party.
We tried to up our game this year by purchasing a little holiday photo kit and hanging it in the living room with out camera set up on the tripod.
Once the party got in full swing the sun had gone down and was starting to make goofy lighting and shadows but you get the idea. Granny and Grampy are here this year for the holidays and got forced into the fun. This is definitely not how it is done in England but as long as everyone's glasses are kept topped up it doesn't really matter!

The kids were much more willing participants. 
Meagan was the brave one with the wild and crazy crew, Reese, Gemma, Meags, and of course Conall putting the moves on his cousin Gwyn.

Our Oregon peeps were so much fun! We wish we could be with them more often!
Little cousins Ben and Gwyn and Rach and Eric are always party animals.

We finally pulled the drapes closed to get better lighting in the background. Papa and Nini had so much fun.
Even Goppy, Judy and Penny got in on the action.
Then there was Goppy with all her grandkids.
One last pic with Meagan, CJ, Pete and Penny before the party went wild and the great photo booth collapse occurred.
Well, you know it was a successful party because we crashed the photo booth and there was not a drop of jingle juice left.
We did a little gift exchange with the cousins.
This was a good rehearsal for the big day ahead.
Gwyn and Conall each got a barrel of monkeys which is really pretty telling of their personalities.
The party didn't shut down until almost 11PM which is really saying something with all the little kids involved. We sure know how to have a good time!! Lucky we all had the next day to recover before Christmas. 

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