Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

We didn't have big plans for New Years Eve. At the last minute we started throwing out ideas with Eric and Rach of what we could do with the kids. We tried the bowling route but it was pretty booked up and expensive. Plan B was meeting at a local brewery and then dinner at our house after.
The brewery had some fun bar games, a food truck, and a live band!
We played battle ship and ate tater tots with the sassy crew!
I'm not sure who ever won the battleship challenge.
Following the games were a bucket of fresh donut holes!!
The grown ups were more focused on the brews.
Full of sugar the sassy crew was fired up.
We let them loose on the "dance floor" in front of the band. It was quite the show.
The whole bar got into it.
Thank goodness the band had a sense of humor and went with it.

Never ending moves from Gemma and Gwyn. So much hip thrusting!!!
We came back to our house after to BBQ some tri-tip and have more drinks and good food. The kids got their treat with sparkling cider. We all watched the ball drop in New York. That is also the official new year for all those with small children.
We gave a big shout out to 2018 before going to bed!!!

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