Friday, December 8, 2017

Lily and the trumpet

When you reach fourth grade at MATES you are able to join band if you would like. Mr. LaGuardia holds band practice once a week during recess. The kids are able to try out the instruments and choose which one they would like to play. Lily felt her strongest talent was in trumpet so we rented one for the semester.
They worked so hard to practice and then in December they have a concert and march in the Camarillo Christmas Parade.
Sadly due to the horrible fires the parade had to be cancelled but the concert was a success. Lily and Charlie both play trumpet and Scarlett is playing clarinet.

They performed four songs really well for just having started to learn. The warm up session did cause members of the audience to cringe for a while but once the concert began it was impressive.
The advanced band is made of fifth graders who also did band last year. They performed several songs as well. Lily is enjoying band quite a bit and is going to stick with the trumpet through next Spring. There is hope they can march in a Spring parade to make up for missing the Christmas parade.

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