Friday, December 22, 2017

Rosie the elf

Our good pal Rosie came back to visit us this year. She arrived right on time, December 1st. 
Some days she brings treats some days she is a little naughty. She brought sprinkles to use on our cookies one day.
She must have gotten into some mischief and ended up taped to the window one day.
She also had to issue a written warning this year.  Someone was very naughty and needed to know she was on her final chance to behave or lose her gifts.
She and Barbie took a daring ride down some rolls of wrapping paper one day.
She usually thinks its fun to swing from the ceiling fans. I'm just impressed she managed to get to the north pole and back every single day without having to stay in the same spot for two days in a row.
On the last day of school before break they had class parties. It was free dress day which is a really big deal and of course you have to come decked out in holiday cheer. Gemma's class had a Grinch party so she wore her most Grinchy outfit even though she is still a bit afraid of the Grinch.
From Lily's attire you would think we finally hit a cold spell, nope, we just act like we did so it feels more like Christmas.
It was exciting to finally be finishing up with school for the year and get to have 2 weeks off! 

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