Saturday, December 9, 2017

Santa's coming to town

We love our Christmas traditions which include going to see Santa with cousins. We met up after school one late afternoon at the Westlake Village to present Santa with our wishlist. 
The huge tree was all decorated making it feel festive even if the weather was still very warm.
Lily likes to come prepared so she typed up her list complete with photos. You never know if Santa is going to need a visual guide. She also likes to rank them in order of priority. Her list included the SIMS 4 computer game, a new computer because hers is too "laggy", the lego hospital set, an art set and several other items. Gemma's game plan was to ask for the lego friends surf shop even though she really wanted an Ulta beauty store gift card but didn't want anyone to laugh at her. They know the Santa we go visit isn't the "real" one so she was not too worried about getting her wishes right.
Once cousins arrived we headed inside. We got to spend a good amount of time chatting with Santa and everyone had a turn telling him what they want.

We also got to be a little silly too.
Ben told Santa he wanted a motorcycle and four lego sets. Gwyn requested "toys".

After a look around Barnes and Nobles it was dark and the tree was lit up. So pretty at night! Dad met us after work and we got some dinner.
We also got a call from the school that due to the fires in Ventura and the skies being filled with smoke school would be cancelled for tomorrow. Looks like only the girls are excited about that.

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