Thursday, March 29, 2018

Florida- Disney World - Magic Kingdom

By the day arrived for us to go to our last park, Magic Kingdom, we had the system down!! Can you tell by the photo we were almost pleased to get up this early in the morning to get to the park for rope drop? Again, the park opened at 8am so we were up and out the door to catch an uber by 7am. We got to the drop off for Magic Kingdom to discover you had to access the park by ferry boat or monorail. 
We went for the ferry boat ride! Go little mouseketeers go!!
We made it to the park entrance and got through the turnstiles into the park entrance by 7:30. It looks just like Disneyland! The train station greets you with the beautiful flower mosaic. 
At about 7:45 they let us past the train station, down main street and to the front of the castle for the opening show. It was just us.....and a few million other people. Main street was PACKED but it is a big park and there would be plenty of room once the rides opened.
We headed straight to the castle towards future land. We knew exactly which ride we were headed for. Surprisingly we were able to sneak in a picture in front of the castle without anyone else in it!! Mickey and friends performed a little show on a stage in front of the castle and then the ropes dropped!
We followed a huge crowd towards one of the most popular rides, which translates into long lines so we wanted to knock it out before the crowds. We entered the vault at the seven dwarfs mine train roller coaster.
The line weaves its way through the tunnel and lets you play with the jewels you are mining for. 
Let's get this first ride of the day started! It was a mild roller coaster much like the big thunder mountain ride but a seven dwarf twist. 
We decided to head over to Adventureland to get on a few more top rides before the whole park got crowded. First up was pirates of the carribean! We love this ride at Disneyland and wanted to see if it was the same. We walked right on the ride. It was pretty much the same with a few subtle differences, missing the blue bayou ambience which makes us vote Disneyland pirates is tops! Right next door in Frontierland is splash mountain. It is a fun log water ride and we figured why not? It was a quick line and the ride was so fun! It seemed a lot longer than the CA one and you floated around bear country before the big drop!! Look at our faces on the ride camera. Say goodbye to Alex's hat because that was the last we saw of it. He forgot to take it off and it blew away on the ride!!
The girls like to watch the ride after we go on to appreciate how brave they were!
We stopped back over in Adventureland for the Aladdin magic carpet ride. Since Lily is going to be the magic carpet in her Sr Chorus play this year we had to go on her ride! It was pretty much like dumbo, up down..up down.
We had been going non stop for a couple hours by now, having granola bars and snacks from our stash we packed. We thought we would try to get on small world before we took a break.  It was crowded but only about a 20 minute wait and it was a nice long ride. We love small world!
It was getting warm and we were getting famished so we headed down main street to have some lunch. It was fun trying to get a family selfie with the castle in the back.
Maybe we should leave selfies to the teens.
We found a shady spot to eat our lunch with a view of the castle.
Lucky for us we just happened to be finishing up when they had a stage show in front of the castle with a small fireworks show!
It felt like something was going on around every turn! We headed to Liberty Square to see the Hall of Presidents, around the bend there was a high school marching band coming through.
The hall of presidents is an animatronic show featuring all the presidents of the USA. We don't have this show in CA and it was pretty cool. When the Obama portion came on there were a few cheers, hoots and hollers. When the Trump portion came on there were no boo's, alas we were in Florida, pretty sure in CA he wouldn't get that same respect.
As we exited the Hall of Presidents we just happened upon a parade!Ariel was checking out her dinglehopper.
The dragon was really fire breathing and  very impressive!

Each float was better than the next. The girls got right up front and watched the whole thing and couldn't get enough.
Of course Mickey and Minnie close the parade.
It was afternoon by now and the place was pretty packed. We knew this would be the case so we had ridden most of our desired rides at opening and had fast passes for three more this afternoon. The crowds didn't really bother us too much because we had plenty of parades and shows to see during the busiest hours.
We headed towards the direction of our first fast pass and happened to see the Muppets great moments in American history.  We then went to ride the Disneyworld railroad to Fantasyland. We had the Disneyworld app on my phone and it tells you how long the wait is for each ride. Somehow the Ariel ride was down to 20 minutes so we went there before it was time to use our fast passes. Our biggest priority ride was Peter Pan's Flight. We love this little magical whimsical ride at Disneyland. 
Our next fast pass was late afternoon for the Haunted Mansion!! We love this ride too.
We took a ride break because we saw the parade coming down the lane. It was the same parade from earlier but we loved it so much we wanted to catch it again.
We found a nice shady spot under a tree to stay cool while we watch.

Each float was more magical than the next.
Peter, Wendy and Captain Hook!

I think it really might be the happiest place on earth.

We were ready for some dinner at Pecos Bill, nothing better than a big meal before your last ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We know we love this ride too and it's not like Everest.
It was starting to get dark and we had been on the fence about whether to stay for the big firework show at 9pm. By the time we finished our rides it was after 8 pm anyway and so we decided to get a spot to sit on main street and wait for the show.
Boy are we glad we did!! It was amazing. I wish I could see it again and again. The castle is lit up with lights and they project scenes and characters from Disney shows onto the castle. The music is all coordinated and fireworks galore!! We were SO GLAD we stayed. Even if it meant having to battle with one million people to get on the monorail back to the parking area to get a ride to our resort.

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