Saturday, March 31, 2018

Florida- Down Time Days

During our in between park days we did a lot of relaxing! The resort had everything we needed and the girls loved their room with big beds and Disney channel on their TV. 
Our two bedroom condo had a full kitchen and living room and washer drier in the unit. We had ordered groceries from Amazon to be delivered on the morning after Epcot so we would have everything we needed since we didn't have a car. We had our meals on our patio over looking the pond- full of Alligators I presume!!!
Then after breakfast we geared up for the pools. We were on a mission to hit as many pools as possible at our resort. After the first day at the pool realizing we had not packed goggles or pool toys we made sure to remedy that. Luckily we were in tourist town and there were shops in walking distance to get what we needed.
The weather was ideal, warm but not humid. Some days we would have cool clouds to give us a break. The sun was strong though and we had to lather on the sunscreen.
It was pretty packed at the resort too. I heard they were at capacity and you could tell by the fight for pool chairs. We never had a problem though. They had restaurants and bars at the poolside too. As well as entertainment some days which was funny. There were DJ's playing music and leading games.
It was hot enough that we all spent a good amount of time in the water to cool off. 
Of course the kids barely got out, just to eat and be forced into more sunscreen.
One of the pools had a big splash pad area and waterfall.
There was a lot of mermaid play going on.

The was a kids pool with water slide, and jacuzzi pool with the large hot tub, and then water fall pool.

On our last day we had a later flight home so we had plenty of time to explore. We had a rental car by this point so we could go where we pleased.  Our resort had a mini golf course and we noticed around Orlando this must be a pretty popular activity because they were EVERYWHERE. We decided to play the course across the road from our resort. It had the waterfall volcano and looked more challenging.
We have played mini golf once years ago in the summer with friends. We did much better this time around.
Gemma and I actually both got a hole in one!!
It kept us busy for an hour or two and we only got into a few small arguments over cheating!
After having lunch and doing some last minute shopping and generally killing time we made our way to the airport. Look who we found at the airport!! The next day was Easter and apparently the bunnies were taking a flight. We got a photo and a snickers bar! Not bad!
It wasn't too crazy at the airport but we spent plenty of time in the security lines. We found one last cool photo spot before leaving and returning to reality.
Sad to leave our super fun spring break vacation!

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