Friday, March 30, 2018

Florida- Kennedy Space Center

It may seem like we packed a lot into our short week of Spring break. Well you're right, we did! I mean some people do a lot more park days and there are even multiple water parks but we didn't want to do so many parks that it all became a blur. Plus when your this close to The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) you can't not go!
We once again got up early in the morning (some vacation, right?) and headed to pick up a rental car. We didn't need one up until now but the KSC is an hour away and we wanted to see more than Disney Disney Disney. We made it in plenty of time to open up the center at 9am. They had a real astronaut out front to greet us and take a picture. How cool is that?!
We got a couple of classics for the Christmas Card here!
You can easily spend a whole day here, and we pretty much did. You enter into the rocket garden and browse retired rockets from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions.
Some you can even climb up and sit in.
We wanted to get right out to the Apollo/Saturn bus tour. These two little Astronauts were ready for the mission.
Loaded up and ready to go.
It was a packed 40 minute bus tour with more information than we could possibly absorb. This is the spaceX launch pad. It is hard to even imagine the scale of these buildings and rockets. When we got up a little closer you could see the little doorway entrances which looked like they were there for ants and that helped us put the size into perspective.

The KSC is on a large wildlife refuge. They have every species of animal that is native to Florida. This includes plenty of alligators which happen to be sunbathing in just about every little pond on the side of the road. That's a gator sun bathing in the water there.
Once at the Apollo/Saturn center we watched a couple of brief films describing the program and its history.
The cool Winnebago the astronauts took to launch on their missions.

There were lots of great interactive exhibits and real artifacts and equipment that made it to space and back.
This space suit was used and still has real dust from the moon on its boots.
After a long tour around we took the bus back to the main KSC to see all the exhibits there.
Of course high on this list was the Atlantis shuttle. There are only 3 retired space shuttles on display in the US and since we have seen the Endeavour in LA we only have one more to go!! I guess a trip to the Smithsonian in DC will have to be on our list soon.

The hands on cockpit display was a big hit. We didn't even see everything there was to see but we did manage to take in the Imax show Nasa now and next.  Alex was in space heaven and read every single placard and display.
Once we had our space fill we drove over to Cocoa beach to take in the Atlantic ocean and have some dinner.

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