Sunday, March 18, 2018

Girl Scouts

We've been busy in girl scouts this year. We now have two girls in troops at MATES. Gemma is in her third year of Daisy's. Her troop is pretty big for first graders with 16 girls. Both troops meet after school once a month. 
Cookie sales is always a big deal and while I was smart enough not to volunteer to be "cookie" mom I did agree to help. Little did I know helping involved going to collect the cookies for the whole troop at 6am on a Saturday!! 
Of course we had to then sell that massive pile of cookies!! We did pretty well this year.
The girls each did two booths with their troop in front of grocery stores. 
It is usually a bit of a chaotic giggle-fest but this year they actually took it seriously and did well. Gemma was a whiz at adding the cost and making change.
Lily finally agreed to try out the troop for her grade this year and lo and behold she loves it! Too bad she didn't join two years ago like I tried to convince her. We did sales with Lily's troop as well and the sibling girl scouts got to join in so Gemma loved that. 
By the last weekend of sales we had to try and get rid of our stock so our troop wouldn't be left with a ton of cookies and owe money for them. It was a rainy Saturday so we decided to make a sign for our table. 
 Nothing better than getting up early on Daylight savings Sunday in the cold to try to sell cookies. Gemma and I did great! We made up silly cookie songs and sold out in one hour.
This weekend we participated in our local event called Thinking Day. We have done this in the past with Gemma's troop so this year we decided to have Gemma combine and participate with Lily's troop. Our country was Morocco. 
Each troop has a table representing their country with information, a food sample, and a "swap" which is a small trinket you make. They also perform on stage something to represent their country. 
We lucked out that our Music Directors daughter is in our troop and he taught the girls an African song, dance and musical performance. They also wore African tunics.
They nailed the performance! It was pretty impressive. When all the performances finished the girls all make their way around the room sampling food and learning about the countries. They wrap up the event with a cake walk which luckily we didn't win. 
Hopefully the little video clip gives you an idea how great they did!

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