Friday, March 23, 2018

Gold Dust or Bust

The Fourth grade classes spend most of the year studying California history. They each chose a Mission to learn about, write a report, and build a model.  The Spring play they performed was called Gold Dust or Bust! It was really cute. The songs were funny and told the story of gold miners coming to California to get rich.

The girls were all pioneers or miners daughters.

Lily channeled her best Laura Ingalls Wilder. She has no idea about Little House on the Prairie even though it was a favorite of mine. She has refused to read the book. I guess we have to dig up the TV show.
Lily and her friend Sophia.
Of course BFF Scarlett.

Here is a little video clip of the song that Lily got to come forward to sing. It was one of the best plays they have performed this far in school. Partly they are old enough to really get into the parts and perform well and also the story was really cute and funny. 

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