Friday, March 2, 2018

The Garden Show

The first grade classes put on their Spring play called the Garden Show. They usually do a Frog and Toad play but decided to change it up this year. Word on the playground is the school didn't want to have to pay the rights for the Frog and Toad play anymore. 
They do a life cycle and pond life unit in the Spring so the play ties into this. I have to say the Garden show had a somewhat peculiar premise. The story line is based on a group of Aliens whom accidentally land on earth and need fuel, in the form of compost, to leave again.
Gemma played a "tabloid reporter" who is reporting on the odd circumstances of the aliens landing.
The kids were so enthusiastic about their roles and songs. Gemma got to stand next to her friend Makayla which she loved.
There were so many songs, lines, and dance moves. They were so proud to perform.
Gemma was kind of buried up in the rafters but she sang her heart out on each song.
The play went off without a hitch and while it was an odd storyline it was still so cute with these little first graders.

Each little group got to come forward at the end for a photo op!

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