Saturday, April 28, 2018

Beach Babies

Before Spring gets too far underway and the end of the school year madness begins we got away for a weekend of fun in the sun in Carpinteria.
There are a few lovely new murals on the shop walls in town. 
The beach is slowly recovering from the mud and debris after the fires and floods of the winter. They dumped so much mud onto the beach and into the ocean it was too polluted to swim.
It is nearly back to it's former beauty now. Still plenty of puddles at low tide to splash around in.
We do love to collect treasures at the beach.

Saturday we spent the day relaxing at the beach and splashing around.

Cousins even came out to join us!
It's a pretty good childhood to get to play in the sun, sand and MUD!

We cleaned up just enough to go to the playground for a little while.  It makes us so happy to spend time with our cousins having fun.
Of course some snacks and sprite and a few brews as Island Brewery for the grown ups!
We love this place after a hot day in the sun.
Happy Hour for sure! We went to dinner at Padaro grill with cousins after to keep the happy hour going.
On Sunday we went to Santa Claus lane to walk along the beach there. So many washed up branches and somebody made a cute beach hut.

We saw dolphins swimming out off shore.

Winsty is at his happy place, running and splashing in the waves
That is one disgusting dog!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Fun

We started our Easter fun the evening before we left for Spring break. A group of school friends all gathered at a local park for an egg hunt and play date.
There was a massive crowd of kids racing to go at the count down.
Gemma's best buddies were there. Samantha, Livia, Abby, Gemma, Hannah and Brooklynn.
We arrived home from spring break late late the night before Easter Sunday. We were still on Florida time so it was like going to bed at 3am to our bodies. We went to church a little later than our usual service and then headed over to Eric and Rachels for lunch.
It was such a beautiful day and such a nice way to end our spring break. Of course the kids were just excited for the egg hunt.
Gwynnie got a head start and the bigger kids were itching to get out there.
Ready, set, go!
We had a wonderful lunch and relax with family before heading home to face piles of laundry and jet lag.