Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Band Spectacular & Open House

Lily participated in band at school this year playing the trumpet. In the fall they had a concert and marched around the school field for a parade experience. In the spring they get to participate in the all district band festival.
The performance is at the Thousand Oaks Civic arts plaza much like the chorus concert. It is on a school night and they perform along with other elementary, middle, and high school bands.
Lily and her friend Charlee both play trumpet so they got to sit next to each other. This meant plenty of goofing off and silliness. To say the difference between the different levels of band is putting it mildly. It was a little painful during the elementary beginner band performances but they did great and worked hard.
Scarlett is on Clarinet and she was right up front and center. The middle and high school band performances were SO impressive. Lily can join band in middle school if she chooses. She might need to learn to actually read music before that!

They also had a short performance at school before the open house the following week. If Lily decides to play again next year she will be in advanced band in 5th grade. 
She hasn't decided yet but her two friends are dropping out so we will see what Lily decides. She really enjoyed it this year.

After the band performance the 4th grade did a square dance performance on the quad. They have been learning square dance as a part of music class in 4th. It was a really fun/ funny performance and Lily had a great time!

Swing your partner round and round!! They finished with the electric slide, she is all set for Bar Mitzvah's and weddings now.
Once the square dance performance ended the classrooms were open for families to see all the hard work the kids and teachers have done all year.  Gemma's class did a huge unit on Africa. She was our proud tour guide on her safari.
 They made some amazing art and her classroom was transformed into an African land!
 They made dioramas and did a huge report on an African animal. Gemma chose Meerkats just like her sister Lily did in 1st grade!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Gemma is approaching the end of her time as a girl scout Daisy and will soon bridge to Brownies. She had the chance to participate in BrownieOlympics with her old troop from T-K
It is a sporting activity on a Saturday like a mini Olympics. It is a Dad volunteer event.
They participate in relay events all day and then have an award ceremony.
Some of the events were soccer dribble, obstacle courses, running, relays.

The whole troop posing on the award podium.

Luckily it was overcast so it wasn't too hot out. They worked hard and were worn out after the long day of exercise.

They break up the troop into smaller groups of four girls each. Gemma's relay group consisted of one friend from her current school & troop that we invited to join us and then two friends from her T-K class that she has missed.
The award ceremony at the end went on forever and ever. They called up the top winners from each race to the podium and they got a medal to wear. We were cracking up during the award ceremony because Gemma's group kept getting called over and over for winning.

Each time they won after receiving the medal they would get a star pin to place on the ribbon of their medal. Gemma's group ended up with the medal plus four stars each. They got a first place and several second and third. It was a bit awkward because her group was the only team from her troop that won any race, and they won 5 times!! The rest of the troop received a medal at the end of the ceremony for participation.
Next year she will hopefully participate with her own troop so they don't end up winning all the awards from another troop!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Chorus Spectacular!

 The girls have been practicing for months with chorus for the big Spring festival. Last year Gemma was so sick and she couldn't participate. She was very excited and nervous for this year.
Each year has a general "theme" in the songs they choose. This year they did many songs from the musical movie The Greatest Showman. We have been listening to the songs on repeat for MONTHS by now.
There are hundreds of elementary students as well as the chorus from one middle school and one high school.
Lily was taking things very seriously by playing hand games with her friends in between songs.
It was truly and amazing show. It is every year but this year they really out did themselves.
There were aerialists and acrobatics performing in the air for the big final number.

There is no way they can top this show next year.

You have to try to find your child in a sea of white shirts. We've learned to bring the zoom camera!
The favorite anecdote is that during the performance someone in the audience did a facetime with Hugh Jackman who starts in the movie Greatest Showman. I am sure he was very impressed.

The week after the big festival Gemma had a concert for her K/1 chorus group at MATES.
They performed for the school during the day and in the evening for parents.

She had a great time although I'm not sure if she was singing more or yawning more! It was a busy Spring.