Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Chorus Spectacular!

 The girls have been practicing for months with chorus for the big Spring festival. Last year Gemma was so sick and she couldn't participate. She was very excited and nervous for this year.
Each year has a general "theme" in the songs they choose. This year they did many songs from the musical movie The Greatest Showman. We have been listening to the songs on repeat for MONTHS by now.
There are hundreds of elementary students as well as the chorus from one middle school and one high school.
Lily was taking things very seriously by playing hand games with her friends in between songs.
It was truly and amazing show. It is every year but this year they really out did themselves.
There were aerialists and acrobatics performing in the air for the big final number.

There is no way they can top this show next year.

You have to try to find your child in a sea of white shirts. We've learned to bring the zoom camera!
The favorite anecdote is that during the performance someone in the audience did a facetime with Hugh Jackman who starts in the movie Greatest Showman. I am sure he was very impressed.

The week after the big festival Gemma had a concert for her K/1 chorus group at MATES.
They performed for the school during the day and in the evening for parents.

She had a great time although I'm not sure if she was singing more or yawning more! It was a busy Spring.

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