Sunday, June 3, 2018


The big show for Senior Chorus this year was to be Aladdin! Auditions were held in January and then rehearsals began. So. Much. Rehearsing. 
Lily auditioned for one of Jasmine's friends and she got the role of the magic carpet. There were 75 4th & 5th graders in the show so they ended up casting three different casts for the main roles. 
Lily was the magic carpet in the third cast. The show was worth all the rehearsing. They had so many professional elements. The sets and costumes were amazing. They had a glowing magic book and holograms. 
Jasmine and her friends. All the kids did such a great job. Most of the big roles went to the 5th graders with some minor roles and the ensemble cast going to 4th graders.
The cave of wonders is where Aladdin enters to find the magic lamp.
Once in the cave of wonders the lamp is found and releases the Genie and the Magic carpet!

The Genie has arrived and does a big dance number with the magic carpet.
There she is, our favorite rug!

Ah the big dance number was fantastic. Lily had such a great time and smiled when she found us in the audience. They performed the show 6 nights! The first three nights were on week day evenings and were the dress rehearsals. Then on the weekend they had three shows with sold out tickets.

Then at the end of the show for the grand finale scene the magic carpet pushes out the flying carpet holding Aladdin and Jasmine to sing, "A whole new world". The flying carpet was on hydraulics and actually when up high to fly.
Lily and Olivia M the Magic carpet and Genie for cast three.
Behind the scenes the kids all hung out waiting for their numbers. On the nights when Lily was not the magic carpet she was a lady in town scenes and a friend of Genie. She had such pretty costumes for her role.
There was a lot of hanging out down time when it was not your cast. Charlee, Scarlett and Lily had no trouble staying entertained.
On her off nights she got to be in a couple big music numbers. You can see her in the second role behind the guards.
She had fun being a friend of Genie on her off night too.

After the last show on Sunday there was a big cast party to celebrate all the hard work. Cousins came to see Lily perform! They loved the show.
 Aladdin shirts and flowers for a job well done!

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