Saturday, June 2, 2018

Bridging to Brownies

To mark the end of Daisies and beginning of Brownies it is tradition to have a bridging ceremony. The troop leaders organized the ceremony on a Saturday at a local park with a pretty wooden bridge.
The bridge was lined with rainbow balloons. We all started on one side of the bridge....the Daisy side. The leader led us in the girl scout pledge and read a lovely speech about the journey they've made in Daisies.
Then it was time for each mother, daughter pair to cross the bridge. They crossed in their Daisy uniform and then on the other side they were given their brownie vest to change into.
Now Gemma is a brownie!!
A picture of all the girls in her troop and the two mom leaders.
Then it was time to enjoy the yummy treats for the party.
It was a rainbow theme with a rainbow of foods and of course a yummy cake bridging to Brownies!
Picnic party on this hot Saturday in May.
Gemma and her friend Hannah, two little amigos.

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