Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Big 10

Lily celebrated her big TENTH birthday in Kauai this year. She was given a certificate to get her ears pierced. This is something both girls have been wanting to do. Most of their friends have pierced ears and of course they sell kitty earrings so that is a huge bonus. She could not wait to get to the mall to have it done. Last pic with no earrings!
She brought her friend Charlee with us for moral support and a play date since she hasn't seen her all summer. She also brought her two fave kitties to snuggle.
We were lucky they had two ladies working and were able to do both ears at the same time. I was so impressed with how brave Lily was. She didn't seem nervous at all and didn't even really blink then they did it.
I think they look good!
It was a good day!! She also got to open a present from Charlotte and Elias who sent her the best gift!! A lego set that she has been obsessed with. She also got a big lego set that goes along with it from Granny and Grampy before our trip so she couldn't wait to put it together and play with them all.
Being the big TEN she wanted to have a sleep over party with her friends. After hearing about how well or more like not so well those parties went for her friends we've decided to do a party closer to back to school time so people are back from vacations and have a friends party at a pottery painting shop. Maybe sleep over parties are better at 12 or even 13? 

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