Monday, July 16, 2018

Mt Shasta

We made plans months and months ago to take a trip with our Seattle Besties this summer. Often they come to our house or we go up to Seattle. This time we thought we would try to meet half way which was in Mt. Shasta, CA. We've driven through Shasta before but never really stopped. It looks so beautiful and it was about a 9 hour drive for each family. 
Alex ended up not being able to come because work was too busy to miss and he wasn't feeling well so it was a girls road trip!! We decided to get an early start to knock out part of the drive early. We left our house about 5am. We made it up over the grapevine before we stopped for starbucks and gas fill up. So far, so good!
We only stopped briefly for lunch a few hours later and made it to our weekend home by about 4PM. The Brady fam made it in before us, they left at 3am!! The house was great for kids. It had a big basement filled with bunk beds and trundle for all the girls.
The backyard was full of fun. A "tree-house" with slide.
A spider web swing and trampoline.
A jumbo hammock.
We couldn't believe we even saw deer out in the yard. This momma and her baby were a fave.
Ann brought us grown-ups home-made Shasta thermos mugs for the weekend. We stayed in the first night and cooked tacos which were a big hit. The kids could have just spent the whole weekend playing in the house together.
The next morning we all got up bright and early with the heat. It was about 98 all weekend and the house had no A/C. The basement was nice and cool but the upstairs was roasting in the night. Poor parents we didn't get the best sleep upstairs and I was feeling a touch unwell but we managed to rally.
We headed out for a hike in the national forest to some waterfalls. We drove to the nearby town of McCloud to see the waterfalls. The girls had a great time hiking around. The each got a bracelet with a different saying so they were acting out their bracelet: Fierce, Brave, Fearless, and Strong!
The falls had three lookouts. Upper, middle and lower. We hiked between the upper and middle and then drove a bit to the look out for lower. Even though we got out of the house early to beat the heat it was starting to get a bit hot out for hiking.

This group had so much fun together. Even though we see each other only once a year they just pick up right where they left off like no time has passed. Danny is the bonus brother we didn't have and keeps up with the bigger girls just fine. We all just love each other.

The pictures don't do the falls enough justice. They were really stunning.
At lower falls you can go down on the rocks near the falls. We have heard you can climb down the rocks and swim in the pools at the bottom but we were not feeling brave enough and were really outnumbered with kids to adults to try that trick.
We returned back to our house for lunch and to relax. The girls wanted to hike up the little hill behind our house to see what was above us. They found a great view of Mt Shasta.
We stayed home the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing.
After some much needed showers we headed out to dinner. We went to the nearby town of Dunsmuir to their Brewery. Look at the gorgeous sunflowers.

My "sister wife" Ann and I had to get a picture too in our matchy dresses. Nope we didn't plan that, we just both love old navy and comfort!
Saturday morning we were up and about early again. Everyone had a good night sleep and we had big plans to go swim at the lake.
Nearby lake Siskiyou has a camp site that allows you to pay for day use at the beach. They also have awesome water slides and obstacle course you can pay to play on.
It was still only about 10am but it was already hot so we hit the lake pretty quick.
We had some floaty rings and the water felt great. Plus the views of Mt Shasta couldn't be beat!
You can see it wasn't very busy when we arrived which was nice.
Gemma knows how to live the life of luxury.

Enough relaxing, now its time for wild fun!! For just $8 an hour you can play on all the gear plus they round up to the half hour so we got 1 1/2 hours of fun. Everyone wears a life jacket which was a good thing. David, being our only designated Dad of the weekend, took one for the team and went on the floats with the girls. 
They headed right for the biggest slide first. The biggest challenge was getting up to the top without sliding off!
Once they were all up top David got ready to send them down.

There they go!!!!
That was fun but also sort of painful. They got friction burns on their buns because the plastic was hot and dry in the sun.
They played for the solid 1 1/2 hours and were wiped out. After a little break in the shade with our picnic lunch we all played in the water again. Gemma did some digging with Danny.
As you can see by noon the place was jam packed! We stayed for a couple more hours before everyone was hot and tired. Time to head back to the house to relax for the evening.
Sunday morning we had to pack up the cars for the drive home. We were all ready by 8am and headed to town for breakfast at Lily's cafe before the drive.
How is your cafe Lily?
The chocolate chip pancake was bigger than your head so I would say that was good!
Time to head back to our homes. It is never long enough but we had such a great time with our original besties! 

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