Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Back to school already?

Once again it is time for summer to end and start a new school year. We are firmly on "team summer" and didn't want it to end. Both girls were very excited to get back to school but mostly to spend time with friends. 
We went to the back to school bash on Sunday afternoon and they found out their teachers. Gemma got Mrs. Linklater (she is our all time fave) and Lily got Ms. Winter. They were so thrilled to see their best friends are in their class with them as well. It's a big win in our household. 
The first day of school is always on a Tuesday. We were up and dressed bright an early. You gotta love the first week eagerness.
They still humor me with all the pictures I take and holding their grade level signs.
If this doesn't tell you a 1000 words in a picture I don't know what does.
When you wear uniforms to school it is not terribly exciting on the first day but the girls got back to school new shoes from Granny and Grampy so that was very exciting.

They also got new backpacks this year which is very exciting since it has been a while. They chose wheeling backpacks so if you see us at school, watch your toes.
Give us a week or two and this will be our thoughts on school.
Some sister love and I didn't even have to bribe them to hug. Next year is going to be so hard with Lily off in middle school.
We have to get to school extra early the first day because parking is CRAZY!! We were happily marching up the road to see which friends had arrived.

A few poses around campus before we headed to their classrooms.
We found Scarlett outside Ms. Winter's class.
Gemma found a couple of her crew. Amanda, Emerson, and Hannah. Some of her friends were split into other classes this year but they all still meet up at recess and lunch.
Gemma found her BFF Liv and settled in to wait together. This is year three of being BFF's and in the same class together.

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