Sunday, August 19, 2018

Party into the double digits

Lily wanted a friends party for her big 10th birthday but since we were in Hawaii on her birthday and summer is a difficult time to get all your friends schedules to work out we did her party the Saturday before school started back. 
She originally wanted a sleep over but after hearing about the long sleepless nights from other friends who had sleep overs we decided to postpone that idea and do a paint it party at a local pottery studio. 
Of course we had to make a special cake. She chose chocolate cookie dough cake, with a dragon on top of course. 
All dressed up and waiting for the guests to arrive. That's the hardest part of a party, the anticipation.

Once everybody arrived we loaded up in our car and headed to Simi for painting.
It was a LOUD ride!
Everyone picked out their pieces at "As you wish" and got to work. It takes three coats of paint to ensure the color will come out well.
Working hard but plenty of chatting time as well. Everyone had missed each other over the summer.
Lily chose a fox, Gemma and Makayla chose ice cream cones, Charlee and Scarlett chose unicorns.

A group photo before we headed home for pizza and cake. We could pick up our works of art later in the week once they were fired in the kiln.

Back at the house the kids devoured some pizza and fruit.  
They all played and jumped on the trampoline and begged for it to be cake time.
We bought sparkler candles to try out this time. They were a bit of a dud. They didn't sparkle much but they did sort of relight themselves which was fun.

Cake was devoured and then time to open gifts.
Some highlights were a horse playmobil set and lego set.
She got a book all about dragons which was exciting.
Before it was time to go we managed a group photo!

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