Monday, August 13, 2018

Road trip to Vacaville

We tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible this summer and planned a weekend away to go visit our friends the Pofahls in Vacaville before summer ended. The girls and I drove up on Thursday making it just in time for Kristen and the kids to arrive home from work and camp. Nate went off on a guys camping weekend.
We stayed close to home on Thursday, then Friday we headed to the city!After a ridiculously long traffic jam ridden commute we made it to the ferry building. First stop lunch and treats!
It was a beautiful day with perfect temps. Views of the bay bridge we just crossed over.
The ferry terminal building had so many good food options, we sampled around. BBQ, burgers, and sweet treats.
Then right in front of the ferry building we caught the street car to go down to fisherman's wharf.
The street car was so much fun!
We hopped off at pier 39 and headed right to our old favorite attraction, the sea lions!
I mean nothing is more memorable than these guys. They draw HUGE crowds and we could have stayed all afternoon watching their antics.

Looking at the sea lions and the views of Alcatraz we decided to really play tourist and take a harbor boat tour.
Headed out and it was so windy that we had to put our sweatshirts on.  Girl Scout cookie sales rewards earned these sisters matching hoodie sweatshirts. Thanks to everyone who bought cookies from us!!
We really did luck out with the weather it was so clear and crisp. We found ourselves a spot right at the front of the boat to take in all the action.

There were tons of kite surfers out in the waves made by our boats. Those guys are crazy, they wear hooded wetsuits but still, the water must be so cold, and SHARK infested!
The boat tour loops out and under the bridge then back around Alcatraz and into dock.
Once you hit the Golden Gate Bridge the fog sets in like a blanket.

Such an iconic landmark!

The wind is ferocious as you get closer to the open sea. The girls hoods were even blowing off.

We made lots of good threats about bad behavior landing them on Alcatraz.  We will have to plan ahead next time for a tour of the island.
We were famished again after our adventures. Luckily we were right by a huge Boudin bakery for some fresh sourdough bread.  These bakers got their hats and headed up to the museum and bakery tour.
They display all the cutesy bread animals they make.
It was cool to see the factory in action. I was ready to go home and start baking some bread. 
We bought some sourdough loaves and nibbled a bit then decided it was about time to find dinner. Might as well hop on the street car again. 

We made it back to the car and found a place we wanted to eat dinner. We drove down to toward the marina for some fresh home made pasta!
That was a popular choice.
Even though it was getting late we still had enough daylight to make it down the crookedest street. We drove down first then reached the bottom and hopped out for a photo.
We got back to Vacaville really late and crashed hard. Of course nobody slept in but we enjoyed a lazy morning and scootered to the park before lunch. Even though it was in the 90's the kids didn't care. They could play all day. We dragged them home for lunch then off to the pool for a dip to cool off. We had big evening plans to see Shrek the musical up in Woodlands.
We ate dinner at a local burger joint and then settled in to watch the show.  You can clean up the kids and make them look nice but we weren't fooling anyone with their crazy antics. 
It was a great show and everyone enjoyed it.
Then it was back home to bed and an early drive home in the morning. The kids did not want to leave and could have played together for days and days. Hopefully it won't be long before we all get together again. 

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